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세션명 Korea-Taiwan Joint Symposium: Emerging Technology in Polymer Science (English)
발표장 삼다홀A
논문코드 1L1-6
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 15:55-16:20
논문제목 Impact of 3D Morphology on the Photovoltaic Property of All-Polymer Solar Cells Processed by Non-halogenated Solvents
발표자 김봉수
발표자 소속 울산과학기술원
저자 김봉수
소속 울산과학기술원
논문초록 Organic solar cells using halogenated solvents recorded high efficiencies over 10%. However, halogenated solvents are very toxic to human health and environment. These solvents must be replaced with environmentally friendly non-chlorinated solvents. In these regards, we have investigated all-polymer solar cells employing PTB7-Th and PNDI2OD-T2 polymers to find the dependence of photovoltaic properties on the processing solvent. We find that toluene and xylene are better processing solvents than halogenated solvents for the photovoltaic performance of PTB7-Th:PNDI2OD-T2 based devices. 3D TEM demonstrated that more ideal blend morphology in toluene and xylene-used active layer films was responsible for the solvent-property relationship.