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세션명 콜로이드 및 분자조립 부문위원회 (I)
발표장 201호
논문코드 1L5-2
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 13:55-14:20
논문제목 Polymer Cubosomes: New entities of self-assembled structures of block copolymers in solution
발표자 김경택
발표자 소속 서울대학교
저자 김경택
소속 서울대학교
논문초록 Self-assembly of block copolymers into colloidal particles with highly ordered porous structures in their interior is an emerging strategy to create mesoporous structures having desired porosity and surface functionality. Polymer cubosomes are colloidal particles consisting of triply periodic minimal surfaces of block copolymer bilayers. The symmetry and dimension of internal lattices of polymer cubosomes can be adjusted by the chemical nature and architecture of block copolymer building blocks. Polymer cubosomes can be interesting porous structures for catalysis, separation, and nanotemplating. In this presentation, we will discuss the structural requirements of block copolymers to create polymer cubosomes with the desired symmetry and dimension of the internal lattice. We also discuss the potential applications of these bicontinuous mesophases of block copolymers having beautiful mazes of nanochannels.