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세션명 콜로이드 및 분자조립 부문위원회 (I)
발표장 201호
논문코드 1L5-3
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 14:20-14:45
논문제목 Facet specific surface chemistry of colloidal quantum dots
발표자 정소희
발표자 소속 성균관대학교
저자 정소희
소속 성균관대학교
논문초록 Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) are promising candidates for various applications because of their unique size-dependent bandgap tunability. Owing to the nanoscale size of QDs, 40%–70% of the atoms exist on the QD surface, and the QD surface significantly affects the optical and physical properties of QDs. Thus, understanding and controlling the QD surface are very important. Here, the current understanding of the surface of IV-VI and III-V QDs will be introduced. Further, the facet-dependent surface chemistry with relating physical properties will be dicussed.