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세션명 고분자구조 및 물성: 다성분계 고분자의 미세구조 및 물성
발표장 203호
논문코드 1L7-4
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 14:45-15:10
논문제목 Functional Polymers for Electrical Wires & Cables
발표자 안대업
발표자 소속 넥상스
저자 안대업
소속 넥상스
논문초록 A wide range of polymers encompassing thermoplastics, elastomers and rubbers have been used in the cable industry, mainly as base materials for insulation, jacket and semi-conductive layers. The polymer-based parts, though not directly transferring the power (or signal), have been playing key roles in determining the cable performance, safety and power/signal transfer efficiency. With customers’ growing demands on more efficient, more eco-friendly, safer and smarter power/signal network systems, there have been lots of efforts to employ functional polymers into cables and cable accessories. In this talk, we will briefly introduce the basic structure of a cable, the general performances of polymer materials required for their cable application, and recent studies on functional polymers that exhibit unique properties for cable application, such as thermally conductive insulation materials, self-healing materials and network polymers crosslinked by non-peroxide crosslinking agents.