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세션명 신진연구자 특별 심포지움 (I)
발표장 401호
논문코드 1L9-8
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 16:45-17:10
논문제목 Soft Crystal Martensites: An In-Situ study of a Liquid Crystal Martensitic Transformation by Resonant Soft X-Ray Scattering
발표자 진형민
발표자 소속 한국원자력연구원 중성자과학연구부
저자 진형민
소속 한국원자력연구원 중성자과학연구부
논문초록 Liquid crystal (LC) blue phases (BPs) are mesoscopic three-dimensional “soft crystals” with unit cell sizes orders of magnitude larger than those of classic, atomic crystals. The directed self-assembly of BP soft crystals on chemically-patterned surfaces offers us the unique opportunity to make detailed observations of martensitic phase transformations in the soft material systems. Thereby, we enrich our understanding of such diffusionless phase transformations in both soft and hard matter, including their similarities and differences. Herein, by in-situ soft X-ray scattering, we carry out an in-depth, quantitative study of a soft crystal martensitic transformation, and therefore, the collective motion of LC molecules which enables the local reorganization of the three-dimensional LC mesostructure. For the first time, the formation of twin lamellae is clearly identified during phase transformation from BPII to BPI, further corroborating the martensitic nature of this transformation.