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세션명 열전변환 고분자 및 나노소재
발표장 303호
논문코드 1L10-1
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 13:30-13:55
논문제목 Carbon nanotube yarns for flexible thermoelectric generators
발표자 김희숙
발표자 소속 한국과학기술연구원
저자 김희숙
소속 한국과학기술연구원
논문초록 As the practical demand for flexible power-conversion devices increases, the development of high-performance alternatives to brittle inorganic thermoelectric (TE) materials is essential. Organic polymers, nano-carbons, and their hybrid materials have been investigated as possible alternatives for flexible TE materials due to their well-known advantages including flexibility, light-weight, low cost, easy processability, and scalability. Among them, carbon nanotubes have great potential for use in flexible TE materials because of their high electrical conductivities and controllable Seebeck coefficients. Here, we show the rationally designed flexible carbon nanotube yarns with excellent TE performance. The carbon nanotube yarn exhibits a superior electrical conductivity due to increased longitudinal carrier mobility derived from a highly aligned structure. Furthermore, our TE generator is innovative in that the carbon nanotube yarn acts as multifunctions in the same device.