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세션명 열전변환 고분자 및 나노소재
발표장 303호
논문코드 1L10-6
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 15:55-16:20
논문제목 Flexible Thermoelectric Generators Using Organic Materials by
발표자 조성윤
발표자 소속 한국화학연구원
저자 조성윤
소속 한국화학연구원
논문초록 ned highly porous CNT foam with porosity exceeding 90% exhibits a low thermal conductivity of 0.17 W m−1 K−1 with increased phonon scattering, which is 100 times lower than that of a CNT film with a densely packed network. Finally, optimized p- and n-doped CNT foams are used to fabricate a vertical and flexible TE power generator with a combination of series and parallel mixed circuits. The maximum output power and output power per weight of the TE generator reach 1.5 μW and 82 μW g−1, respectively, at a temperature difference of 13.9 K.