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세션명 열전변환 고분자 및 나노소재
발표장 303호
논문코드 1L10-8
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 16:45-17:10
논문제목 Diffusion-Controlled Molecular Doping for Conjugated Polymers and its Thermoelectric Applications
발표자 김종현
발표자 소속 아주대학교
저자 김종현
소속 아주대학교
논문초록 Doping conjugated polymers have attracted significant academic and industrial interest for their broad and various optoelectronic applications. In this regards, molecular doping by blending conjugated polymers and dopants has long been established as a general approach for the generation of free charge carriers. In blending system, however, the formation of polymer-dopant aggregates reduces doping efficiency at high dopant concentration, which consequently limits optimization of electrical conductivity. In this presentation, diffusion controlled sequential molecular doping for efficient conjugated polymers doping by utilizing strong intercalation between polymer matrix and dopant molecules will be introduced. In addition, effects of morphology and crystallinity of conjugated polymers on the electrical conductivity and thermoelectric power generation will be presented.