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세션명 대학원생 구두발표 (I)
발표장 302호
논문코드 1O11-2
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 13:45-14:00
논문제목 Magnetically guided implantation of stem cell spheroids into specific lobe of liver organ using nanohybrid system
발표자 이상준
발표자 소속 한양대학교
저자 이상준, 이동윤
소속 한양대학교
논문초록 One of the most promising approaches to cure diabetes mellitus is implanting islet cells into liver organs. Stem cell spheroids can be co-transplanted with islet cells to inactivate immune cells and facilitate angiogenesis. However, when graft rejection occurs, it is difficult to remove the implanted cells that have already spread throughout the liver. Here we developed glycyrrhizin-chitosan coated superparamagnetic iron oxide (GC-SPIO) nanoparticles that could show anti-inflammatory effect, magnetic guidance property, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). First, we optimized internalization of GC-SPIO nanoparticles into stem cell spheroids using neodymium magnets. Then we confirmed using an MRI scanner that GC-SPIO-labeled stem cell spheroids could accumulate in a certain lobe of the liver. Collectively, GC-SPIO nanoparticles could be used to modulate inflammation and implant the cells into specific lobes. We are still working to confirm the anti-inflammatory effect.