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세션명 대학원생 구두발표 (I)
발표장 302호
논문코드 1O11-8
발표일 2019-10-10
발표시간 15:15-15:30
논문제목 pH sensitivity microgel with Methacrylic acid for highly efficient targeted drug delivery
발표자 이현아
발표자 소속 서울과학기술대학교
저자 이현아, 노혜란, 김명지, 신혜영
소속 서울과학기술대학교
논문초록 Multifunctional polymeric drug carriers for optometrical uses have been intensively studied for the last decades, as it readily allows for a stimuli-responsive or sustained release of pharmaceutical agents. Herein, we describe fabrication of a micro-sized pH-responsive drug carrier, morphological, kinetic analysis, and consistency assessment. The microgel was prepared by copolymerizing N-isopropylacrylamide with methacrylic acid. Time-based release experiments were performed in a pH range reflected physiological conditions of dry and normal eyes (pH 6.9 - 7.9) We tagged the hyaluronic acids with a fluorescent dye to better trace the drug molecules and to obtain reliable kinetic data in a pH range of physiological conditions. As a result, the release amounts at basic condition significantly increased. Comprehensively, this complex can markedly enhance pharmaceutical effects during a long-term medication for dry eye syndrome.