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세션명 기능성 고분자(III)
발표장 포스터장
논문코드 3PS-207
발표일 2019-10-11
발표시간 16:00-17:30 (게시시간: 13:50-17:30)
논문제목 Improvement of charge carrier mobility of PEDOT:PSS film through lamellar stacked 2-dimensional structure
발표자 김영노
발표자 소속 연세대학교
저자 김영노, 이홍주1, 배소영1, 김중현
소속 연세대학교; 1연세대학교 화공생명공학과
논문초록 Conducting polymer is expected to the versatile materials for organic solar cell, light emitting display, etc. Particularly, PEDOT:PSS is one of the most commercial conjugated polymers because of its transparency, solution-processiblility and flexible properties. But, it has deficient electrical conductivity compared to inorganic materials like FTO or ITO, based on ordered structures. Most of organic materials have low crystallization degree and amorphous structures. In this work, we get 2-D structured PEDOT:PSS film, improved 3~4 times electrical conductivity through repeated sulfuric acid etching process to overcome this problem. The XPS, raman spectra, optical properties(Transmittance, Haziness, b*… etc.), XRD, AFM and electrical conductivity of the PEDOT:PSS were evaluated. This can be used as transparent electrode materials for electronic devices like organic thin film transistor or OLED.