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세션명 기능성 고분자(III)
발표장 포스터장
논문코드 3PS-208
발표일 2019-10-11
발표시간 16:00-17:30 (게시시간: 13:50-17:30)
논문제목 Fabrication and Characterization of MXene/Cellulose Composite Papers for Electric Heating Applications
발표자 김수연
발표자 소속 충남대학교 유기재료공학과
저자 김수연, 정영규1,†
소속 충남대학교 유기재료공학과; 1충남대학교
논문초록 We herein demonstrate an efficient and simple dip-coating approach for fabricating MXene/cellulose composites papers with electric heating performance. For the purpose, cellulose papers were dipped in aqueous colloidal solutions of the MXene, Ti3C2Tx. The morphological features and microstructure of MXene/cellulose composite papers were characterized by using electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The thermal stability was measured by using TGA. The electrical property and electric heating performance were examined by using electrical conductivity meter and infrared camera. The relationship between the number of dip-coating cycle and the electrical properties of the MXene/cellulose papers were systematically analyzed, which supports that MXene/cellulose composite papers can be utilized in advanced application sectors, such as electric heating, ESD dissipation, and EMI shielding for wearable electronics.