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세션명 기능성 고분자(III)
발표장 포스터장
논문코드 3PS-222
발표일 2019-10-11
발표시간 16:00-17:30 (게시시간: 13:50-17:30)
논문제목 Doxorubicin releasing PLGA/PMA microparticles for MT1-MMP targeting of hepatic cancer
발표자 김대현
발표자 소속 인하대학교
저자 김대현, 양수근1,†, Yixin Jiang1, 이정한1
소속 인하대학교; 1인하대학교 의과대학
논문초록 We demonstrated that the MT1-MMP-responsive peptide and DOX-conjugated PLGA/pSMA core/shell microparticles can be applied for intrahepatic arterial injection for hepatocellular carcinoma. PLGA/pSMA MPs were prepared with a capillary-focused microfluidic device. The particle size, observed by SEM, was around 22±3 μm. MT1-MMP-responsive peptide and DOX were chemically conjugated with pSMA segments on the shell of MPs to form a PLGA/ pSMA-peptide-DOX complex, resulting in high encapsulation efficiency(91.1%) and loading content(2.9%). DOX was released from PLGA/pSMA-peptide-DOX MPs in a pH-dependent manner(~25% at pH5.4 and ~8% at pH7.4) and accumulated significantly in an MT1-MMP over-expressing Hep3B cell line. An in vivo intrahepatic injection study showed localization of MPs on the hepatic vessels and hepatic lobes up to 24hrs after the injection without any shunting to the lung. Moreover, MPs efficiently inhibited tumor growth of Hep3B hepatic tumor xenografted mouse models.