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세션명 콜로이드 및 분자조립 부문위원회 (I)
발표장 제1회장
논문코드 1L1-1
발표일 2021-04-8
발표시간 13:30-13:55
논문제목 2D MXene Dispersions and Their Electronic Applications
발표자 구종민
발표자 소속 한국과학기술연구원
저자 구종민
소속 한국과학기술연구원
논문초록 MXenes, 2D transition metal carbides, nitrides, or carbonitrides, have been attracted in many electronic and optoelectronic applications, due to their high electronic conductivity (~5000 S/cm), hydrophilicity, and solution processability. However, they suffer from poor stability against oxidative degradation and poor dispersion stability in organic environments. This presentation demonstrates a simple and scalable way to prepare Ti3C2Tx MXene dispersions in non-polar organic solvents. The MXene organic dispersions also exhibit strong oxidation resistance and stable long-term storage. Additionally, the stable MXene dispersions provide an opportunity to prepare printable flexible MXene films or electrodes for various flexible electronic applications including EMI shielding, flexible joule heater and LED display.