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세션명 콜로이드 및 분자조립 부문위원회 (I)
발표장 제1회장
논문코드 1L1-3
발표일 2021-04-8
발표시간 14:20-14:45
논문제목 Assembly of 2-dimensional Nanomaterials into Fibers
발표자 한태희
발표자 소속 한양대학교
저자 한태희
소속 한양대학교
논문초록 In this talk, it will be introduced that two allotropes of carbon nanomaterials can be assembled into high torsional strength fibers through rheological control. Two distinctive building blocks including graphene oxide (GO) and CNTs are spun in a coagulation bath to form hybrid fibers with highly oriented inner structures. CNTs and GO interact with each other and direct the structural manipulation. In addition, I introduce that a deformable MXene gel of well-defined multiscale structures can be prepared by self-assembly of sheets. By taking advantages of strong molecular interactions, mechanically strong fibers can be fabricated by drawing the MXene gel fibers. Due to its defect-free structure, MXene fiber has dense lamella, as well as a highly aligned multiscale structure. As an electrical wire, MXene fibers exhibite outstanding electrical conductivity and a high mechanical modulus, compared with other MXene-based assemblies.